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No matter how big or small your office is, Clean Conscience is committed to giving you not only a cleaner workplace but one that is also safe from harmful irritants and chemicals.



Clean offices is a must.  No one wants to walk in and work in a dirty office day after day.  Potential clients get a bad first impression about your company when they walk in and see an office that needs cleaning.  While other cleaning services can clean your workplace, they might be leaving a cloud of unhealthy substances lingering on the desks and chairs and even on the air.

A host of dangerous cleaning agents, such as, Chlorine, formaldehyde, and ammonia have a negative effect on the human body.  Once these chemicals are ingested into the body, they affect and manifest in the body in different ways. Physical symptoms may include: nausea, eye irritation, burns, dizziness,  cancer, and more.  A clean workplace does not have to come at the expense of health and the environment.

Call us at Clean Conscience and we can show you how you can have a cleaner workplace that is safe for everyone and the environment. You already have so much to manage at the office, let us tackle the cleaning. We offer one time, bi-weekly, and weekly cleaning services to offices in Broomfield, Colorado.